Welcome to my fairy world!


I love to work with my hands and since primary school (while I was waiting to learn my future profession - mathematics, which is my "life's vocation") I have been knitting, crocheting... and for last few years - balloon twisting! That's how I relax and it makes me happy.

I still dream about an independent single life in which I want to make up for what I didn't get in toxic schools from toxic teachers - my math.
I would have been much more useful to the world if I had been given what I need for my growth and for which I am extremely talented.
I look at everything through the prism of mathematical structures, including psychology. Mathematics is my brain food without which I cannot grow and it cannot be replaced by another profession. Other professions do not enrich me at all. All those who think that I can grow through computer programming, are poison, not people.

I want to develop my own potential and discover the secrets of this world in which I found myself. I can't imagine letting my kids go to school and watch them get destroyed there. All those who blackmailed me that I had to give birth first or get married so that I could get paid to move away from a toxic environment are poison, not people.


This web I do by myself using Joomla! open source code CMS, but I'm not a programmer, I only know a little html and css from the era before mobile phones, and since then a lot has changed. I don't allow myself to be pushed into other intellectual professions, because there must be no confusion about who I am and who I am not.
It is also important for me that it is known that I am an opponent of digitization.